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Stats & Eggs: Mike McGlinchey puts a target on his back for 2021

Catch up on everything you need to know in less than five minutes

Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

The Year That Will Not Be Named was dominated by three topics: injuries, poor quarterback play, and Mike McGlinchey looking horrible in key situations. While another year with this many injuries seems unlikely, fixing the other two issues will be a key part of this offseason. On Thursday, Mike McGlinchey talked about how to improve next year, and may have inadvertently put a lot of pressure on himself in 2021.

“It’s a it’s not as big of a drastic change as everybody would like to make it out to be, it’s only a small fix here and there. It’s not like it’s happening throughout an entire game. It’s cleaning up the really bad plays that I have had especially in pass protection, getting consistent and becoming a player that I know I can be.”

Many of McGlinchey’s worst moments came at the worst times this season, so his failures have been very public. That humiliation has definitely created a narrative that he needs a major overhaul rather than just a tune up.

(You can check out McGlinchey’s full quote in today’s Stats & Eggs podcast. Just click below and catch up on everything you need to know)

To be fair, most fans have no idea how to play offensive line, so McGlinchey may be entirely correct. He’d better be, because no non-quarterback on this team is going to come into the 2021 season with a bigger target on his back than Mike McGlinchey.