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49ers free agency: Will the Niners reward Kerry Hyder for his career year?

Hyder’s valuation is projected at $11M per year, via Over the Cap

Buffalo Bills v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Kerry Hyder had a career year for the San Francisco 49ers. Per Sports Info Solutions, Hyder finished 2020 with career highs in sacks, hurries, QB hits, pressures, and tackles. Even if you go based on percentages, as Hyder played more in 2020 than he has in any other season, Hyder had his best season from a sack percentage standpoint.

The 49ers know they have a valuable asset in Hyder, who plays with great effort and injury. Above all, Hyder was available. Hyder appeared in all 16 games for San Francisco, which feels like an accomplishment after everything the team went through this past year.

What is Hyder worth? That’s the question the front office must ask. Over The Cap’s valuation of Hyder is just north of $11 million per year. The list of players scheduled to make between $11 and $13 million next season includes Jadeveon Clowney, Preston Smith, Yannick Ngakoue, Justin Houston, and Olivier Vernon.

Hyder had a great year, but I’m not paying him that much money. To me, and this may be unpopular, a good portion of Hyder’s production came off hustle/effort plays and not from him beating his man off the snap. Because of that, I’d let Hyder walk and use that money elsewhere—especially with him being 30-years-old.

Brandon Thorn studied the top pass rushers in the NFL all season and ranked them based on their “sack score,” which he broke down into sack quality. For example, if a quarterback runs into you, and you haven’t won, you’re not going to get the same credit as you would for beating the guy in front of you.

Hyder finished No. 32:

Hyder had fewer than three sacks finish as “high quality,” which should raise some eyebrows. This isn’t news, as that matches up with what we saw during the season. Opening up your wallet and paying a player coming off a career year headed into his 30s that finished outside of the top-10 in sacks per snap, high-quality sacks per snap, or sacks that ended a drive isn’t the way to go about business.

For what the 49ers needed, Hyder was great. The above comes off harsh and undersells Hyder’s 2020 season. He may not have won as much as the top edge rushers in the NFL, but Hyder was above average as a run defender and a pass rusher. He has his fair share of timely stops, and Sports Info Solutions had Hyder’s “total points saved” at 28, which was higher than names like Chris Jones, Fletcher Cox, and Trey Hendrickson.

Hyder may request $11 million, but I’d be surprised if the 49ers pay him that much, even if we assume Dee Ford’s contract comes off the books. What should the Niners do with Hyder?


What should the 49ers do with Hyder this offseason?

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    Pay him $11M
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  • 54%
    Pay him, but nothing more than $8M
    (940 votes)
  • 31%
    Let him walk
    (547 votes)
  • 12%
    Pay him $11M, but make the deal heavily incentivized
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