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Gold Standard Podcast: Could Robert Saleh take Mike LaFleur and Jimmy G. with him?

That and more in today’s Niners Nation Gold Standard Podcast

San Francisco 49ers v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Despite the calm and measured statements that Kyle Shanahan has used at the podium to describe Jimmy Garoppolo, his sideline reactions during the games have betrayed his otherwise peaceful demeanor. Many believe his frustrations with the oft-injured QB have finally boiled over and that the team will upgrade at quarterback this offseason. But are we sure everyone in the organization agrees with Kyle? Levin Black brought up an interesting hypothetical in today’s Niners Nation Gold Standard Podcast.

If Robert Saleh takes Mike LaFleur with him to a head coaching position in need of a quarterback, would they be interested in taking Jimmy Garoppolo with them?

“I could see Mike LaFleur and Robert Saleh pushing [Jets GM] Joe Douglas to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo. He’s gonna know the system, he can hit the ground running, they can instantly show improvement, and they might truly believe he is a really good quarterback. It seems like there are some people on the 49ers that believe Jimmy Garoppolo is a true, really good quarterback.”

Kyle’s word is the law in San Francisco, and we haven’t really heard from LaFleur one way or the other on Jimmy so there’s no way to know for sure. It’s entirely possible that others on the offensive staff are in #10’s corner. Beyond Garoppolo, Robert Saleh could be a factor in the 49ers’ future if he lands with any team picking ahead of San Francisco in April’s Draft, and Kyle is intent on moving up for a quarterback.

Please check out the whole conversation in today’s Niners Nation Gold Standard podcast, which you can find in the player below and on all major podcast platforms.

Other topics in today’s episode:

  • Why there are so many crazy 49ers trade rumors out there
  • Who would you rather have for one more year: Adam Peters or Robert Saleh?
  • Is Kyle Shanahan’s philosophy on kick and punt returns making the special teams worse?