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The 49ers are projected to have 10 draft picks after the Jets hired Saleh

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With the New York Jets hiring Robert Saleh, the San Francisco 49ers are now scheduled to receive two compensatory picks for this upcoming NFL Draft and another fifth-round pick via New Orleans. Here are all projected draft selections:

  • Round 1, Pick 12
  • Round 2, Pick 43
  • Round 3 (comp pick)
  • Round 4, Pick 108
  • Round 5, Pick 139
  • Round 5, Pick 157 (Saints trade)
  • Round 5 (comp pick)
  • Round 6, Pick 170
  • Round 7, Pick 194 (Jets trade)
  • Round 7, Pick 204

The third-round comp pick is by way of Saleh going to the Jets, thanks to the recent change to the Rooney Rule. The Niners received a fifth-round pick in as part of the trade that sent Kwon Alexander to the Saints this past season. The seventh-round selection was obtained when the 49ers traded for Jordan Willis last October.

Looking at Over the Cap’s compensatory cancelation chart, pick No. 157 comes via Emmanuel Sanders signing with the Saints last offseason. Over the Cap doesn’t have San Francisco receiving a comp pick for Alexander, though the NFL still could award the 49ers one at a later date once they’re announced.

The third-round comp pick the 49ers received for Saleh will be in the 90s or 100s. Adding to that, once the NFL awards comp picks, pick No. 108 could end up being ten or so selections lower. The good news is that the Niners could trade their comp picks.

So in the event that the team is in love with a player in this upcoming draft, the 49ers have added ammo to move up. If Martin Mayhew, who is interviewing for Washington’s general manager job on Friday, is hired, San Francisco will be rewarded another third-round comp pick for both this season and next.