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Shanahan: I think the key to long success is having the right quarterback throughout that whole time

Kyle was asked what the key to Seattle has been for their sustained success

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The 49ers will “host” the Seahawks on Sunday for the final game of the season. Seattle has something to play for, and against a shorthanded Niners squad, many expect the road team to handle business.

On Friday, Kyle Shanahan was asked what specifically in his mind allows Seattle to be successful year in and out and if there was anything he could apply to the 49ers that Seattle does. Here’s Kyle’s answer:

“I think the key to long success is having the right quarterback throughout that whole time and then having a good coaching staff and good personnel department. I think if you look at anyone, whether it’s Pittsburgh, whether it’s New England, whether it’s New Orleans, Green Bay, Seattle, all the teams that have had great quarterbacks over the last decade with good coaches and with good personnel departments, they’ve got a shot to be in the playoffs year in and year out.”

Shanahan has never pulled punches and has been as straightforward as any coach in the league when he speaks to the media. For whatever reason, the media isn’t running with these quotes as they do with the starting QB quotes from Shanahan.

In this instance, Shanahan says what everyone already knows: You need a QB to win in this league. Not just a QB, a healthy one. It’s ridiculous to pay more money for a backup quarterback. The Bears gave Nick Foles a lot of money because they weren’t sure if Mitch Trubisky was “the guy.” We saw how that worked out for the Bears.

Several fans want the 49ers to upgrade the backup quarterback in the event that Jimmy Garoppolo is hurt in the future. If you need to improve your backup quarterback, you need to improve your starter.

While many will latch onto the “pro” Jimmy comments, it’s these types of quotes from Kyle that are telling. These quotes have happened all season. Kyle is telling us what he’s thought about the starter all year. From the quote above to Nick Mullens being the “smartest QB” in the room, the Monday night football broadcast against the Bills—to saying Jimmy wasn’t hurt in the first Seattle game. Last week, Kyle said Garoppolo spent more time taking notes in meetings.

The quotes are there, so we shouldn’t be surprised if the team moves on this offseason.