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Shanaplan Podcast: Why the 49ers may be able to re-sign one extra free agent

The 2021 salary cap will reportedly be higher than we thought

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During the final press conference of the 2020 season, John Lynch told us that the team was operating under the idea that the salary cap for the coming season was going to be around $175 million. Fortunately, he may end up having a little more than that to work with, which could make all the difference in the world to a team with so many potential free agents.

According to a report yesterday from Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the salary cap for 2021 will likely be around $180 million. While that doesn’t seem like a huge change, Akash Anavarathan explained what that could mean for the 49ers in today’s Niners Nation Shanaplan Podcast.

“That would be massive because the 49ers are committed for about 157 million in 2021, so if it was a $175 million, that would leave them about $18 million in cap space. Getting any extra amount is going to help this team because they have a ton of free agents and they’re at a point where they need to add talent to the roster. Getting anything added to the salary cap is a huge win in retaining some of these players.”

Kyle Posey then quickly pointed out that the extra five million dollars could be the difference between signing one more free agent, or having to let him walk. Florio’s report also says it’s possible that the salary cap could remain in the $195 million area, but it’s more likely to be lower than that after negotiations between the NFL and the NFLPA.

So what kinds of contracts could we see in the year to come? How could the 49ers structure things to keep the train on the tracks in 2021? Listen to today’s Niners Nation Shanaplan Podcast to find out.

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