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Is Jeff Wilson just as important to the 49ers as Raheem Mostert?

That and more in today’s Niners Nation Shanaplan Podcast

Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The common refrain for any team coached by a Shanahan is that they can find running backs anywhere that will churn out thousand yard seasons in their system. While names like Mike Anderson, Alfred Morris, and Raheem Mostert back up that wisdom, there’s also nothing wrong with keeping one of the guys you’ve already found around a little longer. Such is the case with the 49ers and Jeff Wilson Jr., and our own Akash Anavarathan said the deal is more important than you might think in today’s Niners Nation Shanaplan Podcast.

“You look at the numbers Jeff Wilson put up last season - he had 400 yards after contract last season, which is insane. He was getting hit early and still making the most out of it. He had 13 missed tackles, he had 17 runs that went for more than 10 yards, he led the 49ers in success rate at 53%, which was better than Mostert He was arguably their most consistent running back...I think he’s going to out-snap Raheem Mostert next season. I just don’t know if Mostert can stay healthy and Wilson gives you more in the pass game than Mostert does. I just think that diversity, I think he’s going to out-snap him, and gain a bigger contract the year after this one.”

With just Mostert and JaMycal Hasty under contract right now, running back was certainly a position of need for the 49ers, and Wilson sure has shown he can produce when given a chance. Beyond that, if 2020 has taught us anything from a football perspective, it’s that the 49ers need redundancies built into their roster in order to offset the inevitable injuries that will occur.

Make sure you check out the whole conversation in today’s Niners Nation Shanaplan Podcast, which is waiting for you in the player below.

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