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Golden Nuggets: Is Trey Lance worthy of trading up for?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Thursday, January 28, 2021

NCAA Football: FCS Championship Game-North Dakota State vs James Madison Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

There will be a lot of draft analysis over the next couple of months. Be careful what and who you believe. To me, the best analysis is when the author is having a conversation with you as opposed to speaking at you or down on you.

The article below on North Dakota St. QB Trey Lance is a great example of in-depth analysis and knowledge about a topic without speaking at the reader.


To be fair, Lance’s accuracy issues clearly did not show up in the quick game. Lance shows phenomenal quick game footwork, especially for a player his age. It’s clear Lance is meticulous in the way he prepares himself to throw quick game, resulting in a 86.90% accuracy rate to the 1-5 yard area. That would have ranked higher than any QB in 2020, even Joe Burrow. Things can start to get rocky for Lance the later a play goes, but he can at least say he’s got quick game down to a science, and that should go a decent way in providing him a baseline early on in his NFL career.

Super Bowl 55 shows why SF 49ers need elite quarterback play

But Garoppolo wasn’t asked to do too much in the playoffs, and his fourth-quarter meltdown against the Chiefs in the Super Bowl that season has led to much of the speculation surrounding his future right now.

As such, the Niners have two routes from which they can choose. The first would be to hope and/or assume Garoppolo eventually turns into that true franchise-elite player he was initially thought to be back in 2017. At 29 years old, though, one can question how much more he’ll develop.

The other option, of course, is to move on from him this offseason. While there are bonuses to this, such as freeing up $24.1 million in much-needed salary cap space, it would also require multiple contingency plans at quarterback that are anything but close to being determined. Making switches under center is always a precarious measure, and San Francisco’s options are going to be limited to a small crop of free-agent targets, a would-be blockbuster trade or unknown commodities in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Former San Francisco 49ers Star Terrell Owens Launches His Own Wine Label

Because of Owens’ newfound passion of the grape, his marketing representatives reached out to Tommy Lasorda’s, and they formed a partnership with Lasorda Family Wines.

The Hall of Fame manager became integral to Owens’ new business.

“I wouldn’t have been able to really bring this venture to fruition had it not been for his blessings,” Owens said. “I couldn’t be more thankful.”

Lasorda Family Wines began collaborating with Paso Robles, Calif., winemaker Terry Culton in 2016 to produce its first vintage.

The Lions don’t seem to be getting as much interest in Matthew Stafford as expected

When it comes to potential interest in Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, the glass is currently two-thirds empty.

Maybe some teams simply aren’t interested. Maybe some teams simply want the Lions to get nervous and thus desperate and thus willing to get whatever they can for Stafford instead of driving the hardest bargain.

Regardless, the Lions for now seem to be having a much harder time than expected when it comes to generating interest in Stafford.

Pats await 49ers’ decision on Jimmy G

That brings us to that issue. Garoppolo’s time in San Francisco has been marred with injuries. He’ll turn 30 next November and has started a full season only once because of injuries. He suffered a torn ACL in 2018 and started only six games last year because of an ankle injury.

There were durability issues with Garoppolo in Foxboro. After suffering a shoulder injury, which is why he started only two of the four games Brady missed because of Deflategate, Garoppolo suffered a calf injury the next summer in minicamp.

Odds: Garoppolo is an excellent option for the Patriots if the 49ers decide to release or trade him. He has experience with Belichick and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. The team also could pair him with a rookie quarterback if they perceive Garoppolo as a bridge option — and they should, considering his injury history.