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Instant Reaction Podcast: A fitting end to a miserable 2020 season

We saw this movie too many times before

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

With his first answer of his last postgame press conference, Kyle Shanahan was all of us. “I’m very happy the season’s over,” a weathered Shanahan said from the podium. A brutal 2020 season has mercifully come to an end, but not before we had to relive Groundhog Day one last time. As we’ve seen too many times this year, a great defensive effort was ruined by a costly turnover from a depleted offense, resulting in a 26-23 loss.

As usual, it wasn’t the defense’s fault. With a possible number one seed in the NFC on the line, the Russell-Wilson-led Seattle Seahawks mustered a whole 109 yards through three quarters. Clearly, the defense came out pumped up and trying to send Robert Saleh off with a victory. Unfortunately, the CJ-Beathard-led 49ers (a thing I hope I never have to type again) could only generate nine points in that time.

When the Seahawks finally did pull ahead, the 49ers committed their 31st turnover of the year, which set Seattle up for a touchdown to put the game out of reach. In short, it was a microcosm of the entire season in a single game.

In today’s Instant Reaction podcast, Levin Black and I broke down the game tonight as well as reacted to some postgame comments from Mike McGlinchey on Jimmy Garoppolo, and Kendrick Bourne on his future with the team. Check it out below.

This is the fifth time in the last six years that the 49ers have lost at least ten games in a season. That said, it took a tsunami of injuries, horrendous quarterback play, and a modern day plague to drag the 49ers down to that level this year. Do not despair.

This offseason is going to bring a lot of change, but it’s also going to be a fun ride.

Buckle up.