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Kyle Shanahan on Robert Saleh: I hope everyone’s not very smart and I get to keep him

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San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Kyle Shanahan admitted that the worst-kept secret in the league is now a forgone conclusion. Robert Saleh isn’t going to be the defensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers next season.

“I will be very surprised if we don’t lose him. I don’t know what’s wrong with people if they don’t hire him. I mean, he’s as good as you can get and knows more about football, all three phases. And he’s going to hire the best staff. He knows about players. He knows who knows what they’re talking about. Who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. And he also knows how to deal with people. So, I hope everyone’s not very smart and doesn’t hire them so I can keep him. But, I’m expecting not to have him. But, we’ve got a lot of other good guys on our staff and I know there’ll be a number of options and we’ve got a number of good players...So, I expect whatever we ended up deciding here. And obviously we’ll wait to see what happens with Saleh. But, I know that the Niners will be all right.”

Saleh reportedly has interviews with the Falcons and Lions this week, and could have even more as the coaching carousel turns this offseason.

You can hear more about how his defense tried to send him off with a win in today’s Stats & Eggs Podcast, which is waiting just for you below.

Replacing Saleh and any other coaches he brings with him to his new job will be priority number one for Shanahan this offseason. He also said after the game that he hopes to have the coaching staff settled before the Super Bowl so that they can huddle up in preparation for the NFL Scouting Combine in later in February.