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The Shanaplan: Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch are already recruiting coaches

Kyle Posey and Akash Anavarathan cover that and more in today’s episode

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan, from left, attend a news conference at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., on Thursday, July 27, 2017. Players reported for training camp on Thursday with practice to begin on Photo by MediaNews Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images

It’s no secret that the 49ers will lose at least one coach this offseason, and quite possibly more than that. Who they get to replace those coaches will be a critical factor in whether they’re successful moving forward with a roster that will look a lot different in 2021. Fortunately for the team and its fans, that process has already begun.

Take a look at what John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan said during their final press conference of the 2020 season earlier this week.

Here’s John Lynch:

When you land and you see the beauty of this place and driving in, it’s a rainy morning, but it was a beautiful morning. All the opportunities aside from playing for the San Francisco 49ers and walking by Lombardi trophies every day you walk in the building. I love sharing stories with people about the Harris Barton’s of the world who stayed in this area and translated into tremendous business success because of the contacts they’ve made in this area with so much going on that the focal point for the world in terms of technology and all that. There’s great opportunity. Some people, that means a lot to.

And Kyle Shanahan:

People like the Niners here. Even before last year. It’s a cool place to live in. I’ve been in different places that aren’t always like that and it’s not like they’re just crazy, they have nothing else to do. No, they’ve got a lot going on out here, but they’re very genuine and treat us very well. It makes me and my family and our players enjoy living out here a ton.

As Kyle Posey and Akash Anavarathan pointed out in today’s Shanaplan Podcast, none of that was accidental.

“The 49ers’ brass, Kyle and John, they’re not stupid,” Akash said, “They know they’re going to lose some coaches...and they’ve got to backfill those positions. So now they’ve got to convince someone else from a different team to potentially come to join the 49ers and leave their current situation, so they’ve got to sell the Bay Area. I thought it was a great sales pitch, and they’re starting it right now, which was intelligent.”

Check out the full conversation in today’s Shanaplan Podcast in the player below and wherever you get your podcasts.

While the sales pitches themselves aren’t going to be the only reason someone wants to join the 49ers, the fact that the general manager and the head coach are aware enough to play that game is a good sign. It shows they’re smart enough to see the big picture and try to use every possible method available to them to bring the most talented people to the coaching staff.

Let’s hope it pays off.

Other topics covered in today’s episode:

  • What does a new deal for Trent Williams actually look like?
  • Why Jason Verrett may not return even if he wants to come back
  • Just how many coaches could the 49ers lose this offseason?

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