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49ers LB Fred Warner has been named to the first-team AP All-Pro team

DeForest Buckner also made the first-team All-Pro team

San Francisco 49ers v New England Patriots Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

The Associated Press named San Francisco 49ers linebacker Fred Warner to their first-team All-Pro team. This is the first time Warner has been elected to the team, though I’d argue he should have made it last season. This will not be the last time Warner makes it.

Warner finished the season as PFF’s highest-graded linebacker. He led all linebackers in QB hits, only gave up 329 yards on 61 targets, and finished in the top-5 for interceptions and pass breakups among linebackers. Warner was also among the league leaders in passer rating against. You name it; Warner was near the top of the league.

It’s one thing to make the Pro Bowl, but this season is the year you’d want to make it as there are no alternates. It’s another to make the All-Pro team, which is much more exclusive and holds more weight than the Pro Bowl. It’s nice to see Warner getting his credit. He deserves all of it.

This also comes at a time where you imagine Warner and the organization are underway in contract extension talks. Adding that you’re an All-Pro to your resume after three seasons is a heck of a bargaining chip. It’d be an upset if Warner didn’t end up as the highest-paid linebacker in the NFL once he’s extended.

DeForest Buckner was also named as a first-team All-Pro. Trent Williams had seven votes at left tackle.