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SB Nation reacts: The confidence polls ended up 5% lower than when the season started

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NFL: JAN 03 Seahawks at 49ers Photo by Kiyoshi Mio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

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The 49ers season is over, and 2020 was a disappointment, to put it mildly. After a losing season, our confidence polls didn’t drop that much from Week 1. We started at 80% heading into the Cardinals, came and finished at 75% after a loss to the Seahawks.

Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions during the season. I think it speaks volumes to the talent on the roster that even after watching backup quarterbacks there many felt that there was a legitimate chance that the Niners would sneak into the playoffs.

The national question asked which coaching job is the most desirable, and neither the Jets nor the Lions made the cut. The Chargers ran away with the poll:

I’m not sure that either of these jobs is that intriguing. At the same time, the Jets aren’t as bad of a gig as this poll would suggest. Now Adam Gase? That’s an entirely different story. Looking forward to Nick Saban hiring him as an offensive coordinator and Gase getting his 17th chance next as a head coach after that.

As for the most desirable head coach, Robert Saleh didn’t make the cut, either.

Is that because he’s not flashy enough? Not a big name? That’s not to take away from any of the coaches listed. I like Daboll quite a bit and think he’s going to have success wherever he goes if Daboll does end up getting hired.

Then, there are the Eagles:

If this game were played on a Sunday afternoon, nobody would have noticed.

From everything I’ve read and gathered, the Eagles were going to do everything in their power to win Week 17. Doug Pederson had a meeting on Thursday with the front office, and all of a sudden, Philly started ruling multiple players out.

You could see during the game that there were plenty of questionable things going on, from the Eagles kicking a long field goal in a spot where they go for it all year to rookie wide receiver Jalen Reagor’s playing time. Pulling the quarterback was the icing on the cake of something that had been unfolding for the previous few days.