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49ers in Five: Nick Bosa has a plan to deal with getting chipped

Everything you need to know in about 5 minutes

After a loss, no one is immune to criticism. The best teams and players are usually their own harshest critics, and that is definitely the case with Nick Bosa. He met the media yesterday and didn’t pull any punches about what he could have done differently against Green Bay.

“I just need to be better off of the chips and not just stand there that I’m shocked that it’s happening...Expect it more and get back to my rush quicker. I kind of just sat there and took it against Green Bay and felt sorry for myself. I need to just be ready for it. I just didn’t expect it quite as much but it’s coming.”

There’s no denying he was chipped a lot during the game, but Aaron Rodgers was getting the ball off so quickly that it’s hard to fault the pass rush for not being able to pressure him consistently.

The average time to throw for a quarterback in the NFL is about 2.7 seconds. In the game Sunday night, Rodgers was getting throws off in an average of 2.3 seconds. In some cases, he was getting the ball out in less than two seconds. Those might not seem like big differences to some people, but in the NFL, those four-tenths of a second make all the difference in the world.

Bosa also said the 49ers have “chip beaters” that they plan to use more going forward that will hopefully help him get to the quarterback more frequently, but understandably wouldn’t go into too much detail about those.

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