Takes after the Arizona game

The consensus was this: Taking Lance instead of Mac meant 2021 was not as important as 2022 & beyond. This has proven correct as Mac in good on a mediocre Pat team and Lance still has a lot to learn.

For months we were treated to the Niner D being special this year. In the fifth game, they showed up. What a tremendous effort! If the Niners get better offensively, this season is going to be fun.

Lance seemed both over-taught and under. Only the play where three guys kept him out of the end zone, he seemed under-taught. If three sell out to tackle you, there's a guy wide open for a flip pass. How you do this should have been practiced over & over. The easiest pass is a forward lateral, when running. You can leap and throw normally. There's almost no defense that can handle the options of a good running back who has these options.

All summer long we've been told that Lance is sailing throws over the middle. We hear solutions - body control and more touch. A good HS QB completes that pass that is intercepted. Also, throwing 100 mph means loss of arc. This means passes are more easily batted down by the D line. This was proven yesterday.

Overtaught: sliding. Think early Kap or anytime Garcia. Behind in the 4th quarter, you want to see Lance try to break a tackle or juke someone. By the third season Kap started becoming more timid and it signaled the end of his greatness. When the game is getting away, Lance should open up the running and get those extra yards. The downfield hits are not where a QB like Lance is likely to get hurt. More likely it may come from holding the ball too long in the backfield. Even that was nearly fatal for Montana, as old times may remember when he had his worst injury.

Lastly, the first 4 games proved that the Niners should not try to convert 3rd or 4th downs by running up the middle for two or three yards. The O line's strength isn't there for those plays. There have been two games that might have been won if the coaching had figured this out. Maybe when Wilson comes back, but I doubt it.

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