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Golden Nuggets: Should we worry about Brandon Aiyuk’s lack of usage?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Wednesday, October 13, 2021

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Everyone has their takes on Trey Lance while most fans are wondering what’s going on with Brandon Aiyuk. Those are the main talking points in today’s links.

Underutilizing Brandon Aiyuk is Inexcusable for Kyle Shanahan

There is absolutely ZERO reason to treat Aiyuk like he is just some Day 3 draft pick. Aiyuk is being treated like a regular rotation receiver and it is clear he is at the bottom of Shanahan’s favoritism ladder. Mohamed Sanu has more catches and targets than him. That is simply unacceptable. This all falls at the feet of Shanahan and his constant placement of young players in his “doghouse” that he does every year.

The one game that Aiyuk actually looked solid in was against the Packers. It looked as if the 49ers finally decided to incorporate him in the offense. However, it turns out it was just a coincidence and the 49ers never had any plans to run him that heavily.

John Lynch evaluates 49ers rookie Trey Lance’s first start, explains Trey Sermon’s vanishing act

“As you learn the game and see things, for instance, in that game, there were some unscouted looks that we knew we’d see, and there was no way to prepare for those other than just feeling them and seeing them. And I thought Trey responded in really good fashion.

“Look, I think we all are aware that we’ve got to score more points than what we did, but I felt like Trey did a good job. We talked a lot about having his back and everyone picking up their game. I’m not sure we did enough of that. But I thought Trey Lance did a really nice job, and I think you can see there’s a lot to be excited about moving forward with him.”

49ers GM John Lynch: Jon Gruden emails show ‘we got a long way to go’

“Because of what I believe in my heart of hearts — I talked about it the Hall of Fame speech — I think it becomes hollow words if we say, ‘I advocate for the rest of the world take the lead of football,’ because I see football as such a pure deal of it doesn’t matter where you come from,” Lynch.

“But, obviously, we still have work to do if those types attitudes — now, I understand those happened a long time ago — but if those attitudes exist, we got a long way to go.”

How 49ers Fans Currently Feel About Kyle Shanahan

“Boo birds are gonna be out in full force on SNF. Will be humiliating for Kyle and Jimmy when Cris Collinsworth makes a big deal of it.” — Tony Nagatani.

“No play action? He’s collecting a pay check.” — Watchu Talkn Bout Willis

“Maybe he is just having a bad stretch of games just like players do sometimes. I don’t think this is dire, but I also don’t think he has been good at all. Also, free Brandon Aiyuk.” — Just_A-Dude_Man

“Shanahan has no one to blame but his damn self.” — Ollie Ware

“It has been proven that Shanahan cannot handle the head coach responsibilities and now is an average offensive coordinator. Jed needs the backbone like Uncle Eddie. Trade away!” — Eli Dearnaley

“Trade Shanahan to Jacksonville. Feed him to Trent Baalke.” — Gold Blooded

“We need the Bills offensive coordinator (Brian Daboll).” — Ollie Ware