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49ers in Five: Kyle Shanahan comments on the Jon Gruden situation

“I mean, it’s not OK to think those things, and it’s definitely not OK to say those things.”

Everything you need to know in about five minutes

Seventeen years ago, Jon Gruden hired an offensive quality control coach named Kyle Shanahan. Nearly two decades later, that quality control coach is now running the San Francisco 49ers, and Jon Gruden has resigned in disgrace. Gruden’s former GM addressed the situation yesterday, and when Shanahan was asked about Gruden earlier this week on KNBR, here’s what he said:

“I think it’s a lesson for everybody. I mean, not just people in sports. I mean, it’s not OK to think those things, and it’s definitely not OK to say those things. When you’re in the limelight and stuff, whether it’s sports or anything else, but when more people know you, there’s a little more of a responsibility to that. And you’re going to have to pay the consequences when you do something wrong like that.

But I think that happens to kids. I show it to my kids. You’re accountable for everything that you say, [everything] that comes out of your mouth. And when you put something down on paper, whatever it is, electronic paper, you’re accountable forever. Look what it did to someone like Jon. And that happens to kids in schools. That happens to people all over. It’s on a much bigger scale when I guess you’re famous or something like that. But that’s the world we live in. You’ve got to realize that it’s not right. Just because you have a bad moment, don’t think that’s OK to do. You can be held accountable forever on that.

Just, the whole situation makes me sad. It’s not just Jon, but when you’re a head coach, you’re in charge of a lot of families. A lot of people move there and stuff because you hire them and things like that. It affects a lot of people — all the other coaches in that building, the personnel people, the players. I know they’ve got an interim coach now and stuff, but I feel for a lot of the families who are like, ‘Well, what does this mean for us? We just moved here a few months ago. What’s going to happen?’ Things like that. It’s not just Jon. It affects the whole building.”

Shanahan often mentions the families of the other coaches on his staff when talking about the decisions he makes as the head coach. Clearly, that is something he takes into account for more than just football decisions.

For more on that situation, as well as why John Lynch’s Brandon Aiyuk comments continue to make zero sense, listen to today’s 49ers in Five podcast.