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Golden Nuggets: It’s Nate Sudfield Time!

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Thursday, October 14, 2021

Associated Press

Another beautiful day of screaming into the void.

49ers protect QB Nate Sudfeld, two others from the practice squad

“The San Francisco 49ers protected three practice squad players this week... the three players protected are tight end Tanner Hudson, offensive lineman Colton McKivitz, and quarterback Nate Sudfeld, per The Athletic.”

Joe Staley explains 49ers’ offensive inconsistencies, lack of identity

“Staley believes the 49ers are having an identity crisis, and the case can certainly be made. The inconsistencies have not allowed the 49ers’ offense to stack one successful play on top of another, and carry momentum through an entire drive as they did in 2019.”

Arik Armstead: a case study why stats don’t tell whole story

“PFF actually [listed] Armstead as the 49ers’ No. 1-ranked defender through five weeks, giving him an 89.4 overall grade on the season, two-tenths of a point higher than Bosa.”

Nick Bosa Is Destroying NFL Double Teams This Season

“According to an online graphic revealed by ESPN Sports Analytics writer Seth Walder on the morning of Tuesday, October 12, Bosa draws the third-highest double teams through Week 5 — and draws two blockers at the highest rate among NFC West defenders. Yet, Bosa is still winning against four arms trying to latch onto him, as the Walder post shows that Bosa is among the league’s best at winning the double teams.”

Joe Montana’s Sees 420-Fold Return On Investment With Gitlab’s IPO

“Joe Montana won his first Super Bowl as an NFL quarterback in 1982. Almost four decades later, he’s about to get his first IPO as a venture capitalist...

On Thursday, GitLab is set to debut on the Nasdaq with a market cap of almost $10 billion, based on a $69 share price, the high end of its range. Montana’s initial $100,000 investment, along with some follow-on funding, is worth about $42 million at that price.”

Eyes on Trey Lance

Perhaps two of his best plays of the day came in the second quarter, and both came on third down situations. On this 3rd and 3 early in the second quarter, the 49ers use motion to get into a 4×1 alignment. Lance, however, throws the backside stop route with great timing and fantastic placement to beat the coverage and move the chains:

49ers overreactions: What to make of Lance’s designed runs

Coach Kyle Shanahan did what he thought was necessary to win the game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Obviously, he does not believe Trey Lance is ready as a pocket passer, and the play-calling reflected that. There were nine designed quarterback runs as part of Lance’s total of 16 rushing attempts.

It looked to me that Shanahan approached this game with the feeling that Lance is the backup quarterback and they would lean on his best attributes at this stage of his career. They took a win-at-all-cost approach.