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Golden Nuggets: Joe Staley and Greg Cosell Weigh In On Trey Lance

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Friday, October 15, 2021

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Some baseball game last night, huh? Let’s not talk about that.

Steve Young Explains What 49ers Game Plan Said About Trey Lance

“Quarterbacking is about coming to a place where no matter how crazy it is, how intense the moment — it’s how quiet your mind is. When your mind is quiet and you own the data, and you own the moment, then your body, that’s when the measure of you as an athlete comes out....

It’s a wonderful place to get to, but until it does you’re always trying to get to manage your brain being overwhelmed with data, with trying to keep up, running from play to play, the pressure of it — ‘Oh my gosh, I’m going to screw up again!’ A million thoughts come into your brain in the three seconds you drop back to throw the football. Your brain is just your own enemy for a long time. Trey is just scratching the surface.”

Joe Staley Thinks Jimmy Will Remain The 49ers’ Starter

“Staley’s comments on KNBR echo a lot of what Shanahan has said for much of the season. Garoppolo isn’t necessarily going to elevate the offense, and his 2021 numbers and percentages have generally mirrored what he’s done in the past.”

Greg Cosell Shares His Thoughts On Why The 49ers Ran Trey Lance So Much

“‘I think Kyle Shanahan and the staff knew that he wasn’t quite ready to do that, and that’s another reason they ran him so much,” Cosell said. “I think he made a couple of really good throws. One was dropped by [Mohamed] Sanu; it might have been his best throw of the day. He made a really good throw to [Brandon] Aiyuk; I think it might have been 3rd-and-25, and I think it was for 26 yards. But then he missed a few.’”

49ers re-sign CB Davontae Harris To Practice Squad

“San Francisco claimed Harris off waivers from Baltimore after their preseason opener. He made the initial roster but went on IR with a hamstring injury. The 49ers released him almost immediately after activating him off IR early in their week off.”

Evaluating the NFC West — Cardinals and Rams target title; Seahawks and 49ers solve QB quandaries

Wagoner: The 49ers have the most complicated quarterback dynamic in the league, not just the division. Coach Kyle Shanahan has stuck by his word that Garoppolo will be the starter, with rookie Lance getting situational snaps. Lance made his first start against Arizona when Garoppolo was dealing with a right calf injury. Lance flashed the dual-threat ability Garoppolo simply doesn’t have, leaving many to wonder if he increases San Francisco’s upside. Barring another injury, it seems Garoppolo will return as starter after the Week 6 bye, but it remains to be seen for how long. If the sagging offensive production (and the accompanying slow starts) continue, Lance’s time will come. That’s especially true if the Niners don’t get their season pointed in the right direction.

Why Rich Eisen says the 49ers would be ‘crazy’ to put Kyle Shanahan on the hot seat

Rich Eisen was recently asked if Shanahan should be on the hot seat after what could turn out to be another disappointing season.

“No,” he quickly responded. “Did I stutter?”

“Because he’s one of the sharpest minds in football, and he would be on the street for three minutes,” Eisen said.

Eisen acknowledges that there are issues in San Francisco. Brandon Aiyuk’s situation is one example. The second-year receiver has been targeted just 15 times this season after an impressive showing as a rookie.

“Whatever doghouse he’s in, get him out of the doghouse yourself because you need him,” Eisen said.