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49ers in Five: Steve Young thinks fans should trust Kyle Shanahan to develop Trey Lance

Easier said than done, Steve

Everything you need to know in about five minutes

Steve Young gave a fascinating interview on KNBR earlier this week, where talked a lot about the philosophy of playing the quarterback position, and how that applies to Trey Lance. In today’s 49ers in Five podcast, I highlighted one of the most interesting thoughts from the interview:

“Quarterbacking is really about coming to a place where no matter how crazy it is, how intense the moment, it’s how quiet your mind is. Because when your mind is quiet, and you own the data, and you own the moment, then your body, the full measure of you as an athlete comes out. And that’s when it’s really cool. I’m not saying that happens in one year or two, but when it happens it’s a wonderful place to get to.

Until it does, you’re always trying to manage your brain being overwhelmed with data, with trying to keep up, running from play to play...A million thoughts come in in the three seconds that you drop back to throw the football that you brain is your own enemy for a long time. Trey is just scratching the surface. It’s just a matter, again, of the people that are with him - that are with him every day - that feel like he’s going to get significantly better game to game, then let’s go. But some guys need more time to just ingest it all to be more productive, and I really do leave that to Kyle.”

The problem with that thought is that the trust between Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers fan base is at an all-time low right now. It’s easy to have that trust in year one or year two, but when you’re in year five and all but one of those years have been 10+ loss seasons, trust is tough to come by.

Hear the rest of Steve Young’s thoughts on quarterback runs and ultimately where he thinks Trey Lance can get to as a player in today’s 49ers in Five podcast.