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49ers in Five: Trent Williams says this is no time to panic

“This is nothing that we can’t handle”

Everything you need to know in five minutes

While General Manager John Lynch recently had to sit down for an interview with Matt Maiocco to pour water on the talk of a crisis within the team, left tackle Trent Williams took a different approach when he spoke to the media yesterday.

We just finished Week 5 of a 17 game season. Of course we have plenty of time so there’s no panic from us. We get to play every team, all our division rivals, we get to play them again, we can even out the score. We’re not too worried. Of course there’s definitely a need to get a win and to end this ‘losing streak,’ but I don’t think panic is what we need to do. I think we need to clean up a couple things here and there and just stay true to form. That’ll easily win us football games.

Okay, Trent, let’s assume you’re right. Why shouldn’t the 49ers be panicked?

Our list of wrongs is not that long. I know a lot of teams have a lot of things that are going wrong right now but us, it’s nothing that we can’t handle. We’re not waiting for somebody to walk through the door. We’ve got all the talent we need in-house. We just gotta put it all together on Sunday and not just win the stats, but win where it counts which is the points on the board.

As I said in today’s 49ers in Five podcast, that list of wrongs is plenty long enough. The 49ers have major issues on the right side of their offensive line. They have quarterback problems. They have problems in the secondary, and they have problems getting sacks from anyone not named Nick Bosa. That sure seems like a lot of things to fix, especially when, as Trent said, they aren’t expecting anyone to walk through the door and save them.

While I agree that panic isn’t particularly helpful, some new level of urgency is needed after losing three straight games and falling to 10th in the NFC. Time to “put it all together,” as Trent said, is now, and that means getting out of the gates hot against the Colts and never looking back.