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Oh, Hey There: Will the 49ers get back on track against the Colts?

Leo Luna and Javier Vega dove into this week’s game against the Colts on today's Oh, Hey There podcast. Leo put things pretty bluntly: “Who looks like they have their (bleep) together, and who looks like they don’t have their (bleep) together?”

The bye week is a perfect time for a team to get their...stuff...together, and the good news is that there should be opportunities to move the ball. As Javi mentioned during the show, the Colts rank 23rd in defensive DVOA. They’re 27th in yards allowed per drive, 26th in points allowed per drive, 28th in drive success rate, and 23rd in red zone scoring percentage. If the 49ers cannot score points in this game, they have a serious, serious problem on offense.

“I think the biggest thing for the 49es this week is to find an identity,” Vega said, “Let’s get back to running the football. You have Trey Sermon healthy. JaMycal Hasty is back from IR, so he’ll be back this week hopefully, and then Elijah Mitchell. You have your stable of running backs, for the most part, all the way back. You need to be able to run the ball against this team. Run away from DeForest Buckner. Use your outside zone, get those things going again because, without the run game, this offense does not work.”

On the flip side, the 49ers' defense has been improving every week, and they’re coming off their most impressive performance against an Arizona Cardinals team that dropped 30+ on everyone else they’ve played. The likely return of K’Waun Williams, who Jimmie Ward recently called the best nickel cornerback in the game, should be a boost to a secondary that isn’t nearly as bad as some would lead you to believe.

To hear the whole conversation, including why getting separation isn’t the issue for Brandon Aiyuk, check out the Oh Hey There podcast anywhere you get your podcasts.