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Shanaplan: One change that Shanahan and the 49ers must make out of their bye week

Plus, a preview of the Colts game

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The 49ers had a week off to work out some kinks in their offense. What will Kyle Shanahan do against the Colts? What are you looking forward to seeing out of the bye week?

During today’s episode of the Shanaplan, Akash and myself answered the previous question. Here’s what Akash had to say:

How Shanahan mixes and matches Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance. That was non-existent when Jimmy was the starter. With Lance having that one start under his belt and really improving I thought as the game went on, how much more does he use Lance and his rushing ability in this game?

The second thing involves Brandon Aiyuk, who has, what, 15 targets on the season? He has no targets behind the line of scrimmage or at the line of scrimmage. They’re not manufacturing touches for Aiyuk. He’s been a non-factor and that’s inexcusable for a player they traded up for in the first round.

With no George Kittle, you would hope that Aiyuk steps it up in the passing game but he just hasn’t. Those are the two things I’ll be monitoring this Sunday.

Kyle Shanahan didn’t sound like he expected Lance to play Sunday. Lance missed Wednesday’s practice. Jimmy Garoppolo spoke about getting into a better rhythm offensively. The Colts present a great matchup for the offense to have success.

We also discussed which rookies will play more during the second half. Aaron Banks is a prime candidate. Akash thinks it’s time for Banks to get his feet wet:

It’s time to insert your second-round pick and see what he does in a regular-season game. I don’t think Dan Brunskill has been particularly good this season even though the offensive line as a unit has been significantly better than they were last year.

You invested a second-round pick in this guy. It’s time you put him at guard and see what he can do. I can’t imagine him being much worse than Brunskill.

We also talked about the reception that DeForest Buckner will receive Sunday night. If Buck has a big game, and Arik Armstead is quiet while Javon Kinlaw is not log on to the internet.

Finally, we preview the Colts game and how Carson Wentz has looked. Wentz is 18th in EPA/CPOE composite, 20th in success rate, 15th in CPOE, and 26th in air yards. Outside of a big play here and there, Wentz leaves a lot to be desired.

As disappointing as San Francisco has been on offense this season, the Colts have a lower success rate through the air and on the ground. Johnathan Taylor has big play ability. Tackle him, take care of the ball, and win. Forcing a turnover would be a nice change of pace, too.

Check out the full episode below. I’m battling a cold, so don’t mind my voice.

Other topics include:

  • Why the 49ers should be able to score points this week
  • Predictions
  • Changes from Shanahan out of the bye