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49ers in Five: Why the interest in Marlon Mack makes sense for the Niners

Unfortunately, it’s because Jeff Wilson might not return at all this season

Everything you need to know in five minutes

wAs we approach the NFL trade deadline 11 days from now, you can expect the 49ers to be mentioned in a variety of rumors as both buyers and sellers. One such rumor making the rounds yesterday was about the team’s potential interest in Colts running back Marlon Mack. NBC Sports Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco was a guest on KNBR Thursday and said the Mack rumor makes sense for one very specific reason:

“The reason that I think that could make sense is because I’m not sure that they expect to see Jeff Wilson back. Through a lot of the season, through the offseason, through training camp, through the first couple weeks of the season, I think they felt like Jeff Wilson could have potentially been back midseason. And now that date is being pushed back to late November, so when you push a return date to late November that just doesn’t leave you much wiggle room there… So we’ll see where that goes with Jeff Wilson, but I would think that Marlon Mack is the kind of runner that the 49ers could definitely use at this point.”

Putting aside how crazy it would be to trade for a running back after drafting two earlier this year, this is horrible news for Jeff Wilson Jr. and the team. What is going on with the 49ers and players having setbacks during rehab? Wilson, Javon Kinlaw, Dee Ford, and others have all had their returns delayed due to complications coming back from injury. Regardless, Wilson is a free agent after the season, so, unfortunately, it’s possible we have already seen the last of him on the field with San Francisco.

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