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SB Nation reacts: 80% of fans believe the taunting rule isn’t being applied fairly

49ers fans confidence in the team has fallen off a cliff since Week 3

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Super Bowl LV Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

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This weekend, the 49ers have a great opportunity to right the ship and get back to .500 against the Indianapolis Colts. Unfortunately, according to our SB Nation Reacts polls, the confidence fell off a cliff after Week 3 and has yet to recover. The current number sits at 53%. If it helps, the Seahawks number sits at 20%.

Winning solves all, of course:

In the NFL, you are what your record says you are. Most advanced metrics and power ratings have the 49ers in the top-12 and even top-10 of the NFL. The mistakes have been killer, but there aren’t that many teams better than the Niners.

Here is a look at the weekly picks, where many are selecting the 49ers to win:

The weather should play in the hands of the 49ers.

The national question asked whether fans feel like the taunting rule is being applied fairly this season in the NFL. The overwhelming majority voted no:

Take a look at some of these plays that have been called taunting:

I understand not wanting to show up your opponent, but you cannot remove the emotion from such a violent sport. You should celebrate when good things happen in any walk of life. That doesn’t change in football.