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49ers vs. Colts prediction: Will the weather conditions tonight benefit the Niners?

Our score predictions are lower than ever, but you can thank Mother Nature for that.

San Francisco 49ers v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

There’s a drizzle this morning in Santa Clara. Unfortunately, that isn’t expected to let up as the forecast is for rain to be at its heaviest around kickoff. There’s also a wind advisory. So, that’s why the scores below reflect the way they do.

Despite the damp conditions, the Niners are -4 point favorites over the Colts tonight, according to DraftKings sportsbook.

Kyle Posey: 49ers 17, Colts 10

Had it not been for Mother Nature acting up, I expected the 49ers to have plenty of success on offense against a bend but don’t break defense. Instead, we’ll get a heavy dose of Elijah Mitchell while Jimmy Garoppolo dinks and dunks his way down the field.

The rain should slow down a Colts offense that will be without two of its top targets in T.Y. Hilton and Parris Campbell. Expect a sloppy game on both sides of the ball where points are a struggle to come by.

Despite the rain, expect a big play by Deebo Samuel as the difference in this one as the 49ers break their three-game losing streak.

Yinon Raviv: 49ers: 13 Colts: 10

They will run up the middle on us while also demolishing our o line for a while. It will not be pretty.

But they will have enough defensive lapses and enough offensive brain farts to keep us in the game. That will also not be pretty.

I predict missed field goals, fumbled snaps, and constant miscommunications on both sides. It’ll be a muddy and sloppy affair for two teams that have been nothing but muddy and sloppy.

But I think the added pop from JaMychal Hasty, the new level of defense that Kwuan Williams will help us reach, and the urgent tenacity from Fred Warner, Deebo Samuel, Nick Bosa, and Jimmie Ward will all do just enough to squeak this one out.

Tyler Austin: 49ers 17 Colts 13

Three weeks in a row, the 49ers saw themselves in very winnable games that, for one reason or another, they just didn’t win. Now fresh off a bye week that seemed to end with more injured players than those rested up and returning. They’re on the verge of “must-win” territory. Sure, they could lose and still manage to come back and make the playoffs, but it’ll be a heck of a lot harder than if they take care of business.

Based on the weather and the style of play, it feels safe to say this game will be decided on the ground. Can the 49ers generate some momentum in the rush attack after the activation of JaMycal Hasty? Can the 49ers slow down Jonathan Taylor, especially with the absence in the middle where Javon Kinlaw resides?

I like the odds of the team being able to get back on track agains a porous run defense, even if it contains Deforest Buckner. The defense has played more than admirably agains some of the top quarterbacks in the league thus far, so Carson Wentz should be no problem.

Xavier Dixon: 49ers win 21-13

It is Week 7, and the 49ers need a win now. The rain will be a major factor in Jimmy Garoppolo’s return. San Francisco should be in a position to win If he doesn’t turn the ball over. With that being said, Kyle Shanahan needs to wow us with his play-calling to earn his “play-calling wizard” title back. The Colts’ secondary has struggled, but it’s no telling how much Shanahan will let Garoppolo “air it out.” To answer Tyler’s question, I think JaMycal Hasty will provide a boost in the run game that will lead to a Niners victory.

Kentavius Street should have a monster game with Javon Kinlaw out. Colts quarterback Carson Wentz has the highest passer rating in the league on deep throws of 20+ yards. Regardless of the weather condition, I expect Wentz to attack the Niners’ secondary deep. It’s up to the secondary to trust their technique to make a play on the ball to avoid the pass interference penalties. The 49ers pass rush meshed with Fred Warner, and Azeez Al-Shaair’s play should slow this Colts passing attack down.

San Francisco’s playoff hopes will melt if they lose this game. But, good franchises figure out a way to win when the odds are stacked against them. I’m not expecting San Francisco to score at will, but I want to see Shanahan’s piece plays together in a magical fashion that we all know he can. Ultimately, I believe he will, and that’s why I’m picking the Niners to get a win for the sixth game in a row.

Jordan Elliot: 49ers 16, Colts 11

With the forecast slated to give Levi’s Stadium monsoon-like conditions for the entirety of this game, I think you can throw most of the pre-game analysis of these two teams out the window, as it simply is going to come down to who can win the war of attrition in what should be by far the nastiest conditions since the 49ers moved to Santa Clara.

Field position is going to be extremely important. Due to the difficulty kicking in these conditions, I think we will see the traditional game plans gone by the wayside as there will be a heavy emphasis on the field position battle, rather than being overly aggressive in the pursuit of points at the risk of losing the ability to dictate said field position.

It’s going to be a war of attrition, and both these teams can run the football at the rate required in a game like this. However, I do think the 49ers having the home field advantage (thanks to those brave enough to sit in a torrential downpour for three-plus hours) will play a heavy role, and I see the 49ers barely squeezing out a victory in a game that both teams likely cannot wait to be finished.