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49ers vs. Colts second half thread: Can the Niners take care of the football?

They failed to do so in the first half

Indianapolis Colts v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

It seemed as though the first half would be high-scoring the way the game started. Then, the rain started pouring, and the turnovers followed. Both teams fumbled snaps.

The 49ers dropped multiple interceptions, failed to convert a first down during the second quarter, and had more yards on their first drive (78) than they did on their next seven drives (70).

Still, the Niners are only down one at halftime. Carson Wentz has thrown four or five near interceptions but only has one. Indy’s offense has been throwing it up and hoping they get a pass interference.” Luckily for them, it’s worked on three different occasions. I believe the Niners have over 100 yards in pass interference yards this game.

I still feel strongly about the 49ers winning. How the Colts moved, the ball wasn’t sustainable. How the 49ers did is. They’ll have to get back to the ground game and Jimmy Garoppolo, who is 5-for-12 for 56 yards and a few missed throws, has to start hitting open receivers. Deebo Samuel can’t fumble the ball, either.