The 49ers Fall to 2-4 on the Season

On a wet and windy Sunday night, the San Francisco 49ers fell to the Indianapolis Colts 30-18. After a promising opening drive, the offense began to struggle like they had in the previous weeks. Both teams combined for 6 total turnovers. The Colts took advantage of an overly aggressive 49ers secondary, moving the ball by way of penalties. The 49ers were flagged 7 times for a total of 122 yards.49ers starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo turned the ball over 3 times (2 INTs, 1 FUM).

The main reason Head Coach Kyle Shanahan kept Garoppolo around at the start of the season, and started him over rookie QB Trey Lance; was, because of his record as a starting QB. Which is an impressive 24-10. But, to put into context Jimmy is 5-7 in his last 12 starts since the Super Bowl in 2019. Shanahan has previously stated that he was ok with red-shirting rookie Trey Lance, because the team is built to win now. But after losing four in a row this season, the focus needs to shift to the development of his young QB.

Since 2017 Shanahan has only had one winning season, and could be on the hot seat even though he just signed a new contract. Shanahan's career with the 49ers could hang on how he handles Lance's development going forward.

Should the 49ers miss the playoffs this year, owner Jed York needs to take a good hard look at his front office. The roster is stacked with talent, but the production still isn't there. In over 20 years, the 49ers have only had four successful seasons. Executive Paraag Marathe is in his 21st season with the franchise, and currently serves as the Executive Vice President of Football Operations. According to his biography on, Paraag "works alongside general manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan on all aspects of the club's football operations." It goes on to say that Paraag played an integral role in rebuilding the 49ers current roster. He is the chief contract negotiator, and salary cap architect; as well as, over seeing the analytics department.

John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan get a lot of the blame for the struggles of the team. But should the blame be placed up higher? If Paraag oversees the analytics department then maybe he is to blame for early draft misses. The fact that the first 3 picks in last years frafts have had little to no playing time. Or for allowing beloved DT DeForest Bucker to be traded to the Colts. 21 years with the franchise and only four successful seasons is inexcusable. The issues with the 49ers don't lie with the talent level of the team. Many fans and analysts believe the front office is mostly at fault. The 49ers have a money guy making personnel decisions to ensure the York family maximizes the bottom line of their profits.

During the Shanahan/ Lynch era, the fans have been given every excuse in the book. From the system being so complex that it requires at least two years to learn it; to, being plagued with injuries. The problem is there's no excuses this year, and the front office is showing no signs of any urgency to right this ship. The 49ers don't need to win games if all they do is sell hope. But, the message is there that the team is in all of these games if they just fix that one thing. The fans are losing patience and the noise in the bay will continue to grow if there aren't immediate changes.

-Chris Beno

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