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Saints @ Seahawks thread: Come on, Jameis

The Seahawks will fall to last place in the NFC West with a loss tonight

New Orleans Saints v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The Seahawks look to get out of the basement of the NFC West as they are home against the Saints tonight. New Orleans is a 5-point favorite on the road. That’s because Geno Smith is the starter.

Last week, Geno’s EPA per play was doubly worse than Big Ben, which is never good. Only 25% of Smith’s passes went for first downs. Seattle’s offense started to wake up in the second half after remembering they had DK Metcalf, but that was not enough.

The Saints are third defensively in EPA per play and fifth in success rate. They’ll receive a few reinforcements back, and that should be enough to stimy Geno and Seattle.

This game should resemble the rest of the Week 7 slate: Ugly, sloppy, and probably not worth watching. Generally, when that’s the case, especially during primetime games, they end up being entertaining and must-see. Will you be watching?