What is wrong with the 49ers?

As evident with the post game interviews with Kyle Shanahan there does seem to be some issues in the head of the organization. Now, many fans and writers will start or already have stated that Kyle is not a good head coach or somewhere along the lines of he's not good head coach material. I will disagree with these thoughts to an extent let me explain why. first off most head coaches when they get their shot at running an organization aren't quite ready for the task and the detail tribulations that come with being a head coach. This is apparent in Shanahan's first game when they did not have team captains selected. So most coaches hire a former head coach as a coordinator to counterbalance this dilema and make their transitions into their new position be more tremor than ceismic. Secondly comfortable surroundings are great when you first get the ball rolling in your new digs. It's awesome having confidence in your coaching staff especially if you have a coaching staff lacking in experience or are up and coming. But in this lurks an issue that too many coaches run into but the greats always figure out sooner rather than later. your coaching connections only go so far when you first start this journey and finding people you are comfortable or familiar with is difficult which is why people like Bill Walsh, Belichick, Holmgren, Andy Reid would take chances on different type of coaches and were not afraid to move on from a coach to replace them with a better one. This is probably my biggest problem with Kyle Shanahan as a head coach in the beginning it made sense that he would not attract to many coaches to San Francisco the organization was a mess. But after a couple years things improved on that front and while we did shake a couple of things up it was only when there was a clear upgrade available or if we lost a coach to another organization. Last on my big list is kind of related to the last one in a way I feel Kyle is trying too much too soon and it's difficult to have success when you carry that much stress. Now maybe in the beginning when things were new fresh and exciting it was easy to find the energy to do so but he needs to find a balance to where he can distribute some of his duties to others so he can put the energy and attention to detail on other operations such as coaching and preparation for the season.

I am going to write a follow up on this on how I feel this current regime can start to turn this around.

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