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49ers vs. Seahawks second half thread: The offense wasted a great defensive half

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It seemed as though the 49ers' offense was going to have a great day the way they started the game—an efficient drive by Jimmy Garoppolo where he was 6-for-6. Since then, Garoppolo finished the half 7-for-17, including an interception. Throws were errant, although the pass protection was there.

Here are the offensive possessions during the first half:


Missed FG




Defensively, anyone who thought Seattle would score once in six possessions would take those odds every day of the week. San Francisco had a masterful performance through the first five drives before DK Metcalf found the end zone on the sixth drive.

I couldn’t stand the trick play from Kyle Shanahan. The offense was rolling, and that took them out of sync. Seven points in a half when it felt like the 49ers dominated is disappointing.

What do we need to see in the second half for the 49ers to come away victorious?