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Garoppolo injured his calf during the first series; hopes to only miss a couple of weeks

If Jimmy G cannot play then it’ll be up to Trey Lance

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

After today's game, San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke to the media to provide a few injury updates.

Before we get there, take a look at the 49ers’ injuries so far this season. Emmanuel Moseley, Javon Kinlaw, Jeff Wilson, Justin Skule, and Tarvarius Moore all went down during the preseason.

Week 1 - Verrett, Mostert, Greenlaw

Week 2 - Mitchell

Week 3 - K. Williams, Norman

Week 4 - Garoppolo, T. Williams

Something is in the water.

Anyway, Shanahan is “definitely concerned” about Trent Williams’ shoulder injury. Williams left the game and two separate occasions. First, Williams left with cramps. Then, he left after holding his right arm.

After the game, Williams was diagnosed with a shoulder injury. That would be a massive blow for the offense no matter who is at quarterback if Williams cannot suit up. He’s arguably the best player on the team.

As for Garoppolo, he said after the game that he hurt his calf sometime during the first series. Garoppolo will undergo an MRI on his calf, and he said, “hope it’s just a couple of weeks or something.” Jimmy showed evident frustration and said the injuries are “getting real old.”

Shanahan said the team would find out more about Jimmy Garoppolo’s injury tonight, and if he can’t go, they’ll put the best game plan possible together for Lance against the Cardinals next week.

Some felt as though Garoppolo/the team fakes an injury. Shanahan said, “If Jimmy can’t go in, it’s because he can’t. He never takes himself out.” That’s not fair to Garoppolo. He’s one of the toughest players on the team. “Hopefully, Jimmy is better, and it’s not as bad as we think.”

Shanahan said Garoppolo had his calf stepped on at some in the first half. The QB couldn’t push off his right plant leg at halftime, which is when the QB switch occurred. Shanahan said Garoppolo’s full diagnosis/prognosis is unknown at this point. If cleared, Garoppolo would start next Sunday against the Cardinals.

Shanahan, on Trey Lance: “Trey is there for a reason. Want to give him the time and have him fully ready. But you don’t always have that luxury, and we’ll find that out the next couple days.”

As for some of Lance’s struggles: “The game plan wasn’t built for him... we had to make some moves on the fly... some good, some bad.”

Shanahan said they didn’t know Jimmy couldn’t go until after halftime, which made it even more challenging to call the offense for Lance.

Get ready for a longgggg week of speculation. Hopefully, we’ll find out more about Garoppolo’s injury. I hope that he’s healthy. I don’t want to see Jimmy go out with an injury.