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Shanahan believes Brandon Aiyuk played his best game of the season against the Bears

Plus, quotes from Shanahan on Charlie Woerner, Norman on Hufanga, and more.

San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Dak Prescott is inactive for the Cowboys tonight, so we’ll pass on a Sunday night football thread and look at some quotes from 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan and some of the players after the game.

If you want to use this thread for Sunday Night Football because you cannot get enough Cooper Rush, then go for it.

First, Shanahan talking about Bears QB Justin Fields. Josh Norman said the 49ers felt like they shut down the Bears and referenced holding Fields to 175 yards passing. However, during the game, at least not until the very end, it didn’t seem like San Francisco shut Chicago down in the slightest.

Shanahan said he was very impressed:

Fields had an added 0.34 in EPA per play, which is quite good. His total EPA for the game was 14.2 (Jimmy Garoppolo’s was 15.1, for reference), and he was successful on 52% of his passes while 40% of them went for first downs. Add in a 65% success rate on third and fourth down, and the Niners did anything but shut down Chicago.

Shanahan said that Brandon Aiyuk “played his butt off” and had his best game of the season:

Aiyuk helped convert a couple of third downs. I loved his usage today as San Francisco moved him around the formation. Aiyuk’s slant route on the two-point conversion attempt was awesome. Let’s hope he builds on today’s performance.

Norman spoke highly of Talanoa Hufanga, saying he played like a veteran today:

After the game, Shanahan said that Jimmie Ward’s quad injury is a “pretty big concern.” That’s a big blow with Jaquiski Tartt already on the injured reserve. That means Hufanga will have to grow up in a hurry. If he plays the way he did against Chicago, the defense is in good hands.

Finally, Jimmy Garoppolo’s full postgame presser. Jimmy has faced plenty of criticism, and much of it is deserved. He played in front of nearly 100 friends and family as he returned home today. I jokingly asked how’s it feel to be the best running quarterback in the stadium;

Lastly, my guy Charlier Woerner had another impressive day:

Next up, the Cardinals, who might be without Kyler Murray.