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49ers in Five: George Kittle says the sky isn’t falling in San Francisco

Everything you need to know in about five minutes

Fan reaction after losses is often overblown. My reaction after losses, doubly so. The same cannot be said for the 49ers themselves, however, and especially George Kittle. Speaking from the podium after his team’s 28-21 defeat at the hands of the Seahawks, Kittle had a reassuring message:

“I’m still really excited. The sky’s not falling. There’s not a bear in the building. I thought we played really, really well throughout the first half. Just couldn’t execute down down the stretch. Couldn’t finish those drives out. Then we had a couple of turnovers that you can’t give to a Seattle Seahawks team like that with Russell Wilson.

So obviously we’re disappointed that we lost two at home, but the one thing I love about our team: we never give up. We don’t really walk out with our tails between our legs. We come out there and we try to hit guys in the face as hard as we possibly can. I know Arizona just went to L.A. and got a nice big dub, so you’ve got us 2-2 and them 4-0 - it’s gonna be a hell of a battle. NFC West, baby.”

Everything George said is right on the money. Being 2-2 after four weeks is not the end of the world. San Francisco still has games against plenty of teams they should beat. Chicago in Week 6. Jacksonville in Week 11, Cincinnati in Week 14, Atlanta in Week 15, and Houston in Week 17. The other games on the schedule are more of a coin flip, but seasons are always defined by how your team plays in coin flip games.

Even the 2019 49ers would tell you that.

For more on this game, as well as what Jimmy Garoppolo had to say afterward, check out today’s 49ers in Five podcast to hear everything you need to know in about five minutes.