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49ers in Five: Dee Ford’s scouting report on Kyler Murray

“Any quarterback can be humbled when you hit him”

Everything you need to know in about five minutes

Sometimes in life, struggles can start to snowball. After two wins against Detroit and Philadelphia, the 49ers have now lost two straight thanks to super-human efforts by two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks.

Unfortunately for San Francisco, that snowball is going to continue rolling downhill this week against MVP front-runner Kyler Murray. Here was Dee Ford’s scouting report on the Cardinals’ QB from an appearance on KNBR yesterday:

“If you blink once, it’s first down when he’s scrambling outside the pocket. And he can dice you. He can dice you. We just have to be smart moving forward. No freebies at the end of the day - this is every week - but especially against really good teams, really good offenses like that. They’re catching wind right now, they’re feeling confident. Kyler Murray is definitely a special talent, man, but any quarterback can be humbled when you hit him.”

There’s truth in Ford’s words, and the 49ers have sacked the former Heisman Trophy winner 12 times in four career meetings. The real test will be how well DeMeco Ryans can contain Murray’s legs. Kyler has gouged the Niners' defense on the ground in the past, rushing for 267 rushing yards, 66.8 yards per game, and 7.85 yards per carry.

So far on the season, the 49ers have surrendered 7.1 yards per carry to quarterbacks, though almost 70% of that came in Week 2 when Jalen Hurts ran for 82 yards for the Eagles.

For more from Ford’s interview as well as Peter King’s thoughts on the potential quarterback change, listen to today’s 49ers in Five Podcast!