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49ers in Five: Jimmy Garoppolo will try to practice today

Everything you need to know in about five minutes

This has been the Michael Corleone of weeks for 49ers fans. Kyle Shanahan said on Monday that if Jimmy couldn’t practice on Wednesday, he wouldn’t start Sunday. Then, on Wednesday, he said Garoppolo still had a chance to play Sunday, and on Thursday, Kyle said Jimmy wants to practice on Friday:

“If he feels good enough to where he can protect himself, [if] he feels confident to step into all his throws. Jimmy’s been here long enough, and he’s not a guy who’s just sitting here and rehabbing all week and checked out. He’s a guy who, besides the practice field, you would think he was starting.

I mean, the meetings, the questions he asks, he’s on top of the whole game plan and everything. And he’s been through it enough to where it’s not that he has to do that stuff. The main thing is, the fact that he wants to give it a go means he’s feeling better, but you never really know until he goes out there and does a full drop back, has to react, and really step into some throws. And that’s what you want to see from him.”

We won’t know whether Kyle would be making the wrong move by going with Jimmy Garoppolo this week until Sunday. But I do know that if a hobbled Jimmy Garoppolo gives this team a better chance to win than Trey Lance does, 49ers fans should be very worried about what this franchise invested three first-round picks in last April.

If Jimmy G. can’t go and Trey Lance does get the call, I won’t be the only one excited by what we might see on offense. Speaking to reporters yesterday, Trent Williams was asked about the offense with Trey under center.

“Just looking at the scheme that they came up with during camp, and now just for him, it’s hard not to have confidence in it. On paper, it looks really good. Now, we’ve got to go out there on Sunday and make it happen, but I’m definitely impressed with what they’ve done.”

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