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Golden Nuggets: Victory Monday

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Monday, November 1, 2021

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Kawakami: Kyle Shanahan got his play-calling groove back against the Bears

‘“Kyle was on fire with the play calling today,” Garoppolo said.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anybody say this because it’s been a while since it’s been true, for a lot of reasons.”

Thompson: 49ers had Old Jimmy Garoppolo back in Chicago, but will he stick around?

“When was the last time the 49ers won because of Garoppolo, because of his playmaking and resilience? Not because of the defense. Or because of the run game. But because Garoppolo led the way and wouldn’t let the 49ers lose?

The 2019 season finale in Seattle? The high-scoring game against Drew Brees in New Orleans three weeks earlier?”

‘He played like a vet’: 49ers rookie Talanoa Hufanga impresses Fred Warner, Josh Norman

“Oh man, he was great,” cornerback Josh Norman said of Hufanga’s performance against the Bears. “He was great. He was everything we asked for and some. He wasn’t scared of the moment. He actually grabbed that moment by the horns, and he ran with it. He’s just going to continue to keep improving, and a guy like that, he only can get better.

Aiyuk explains what led to breakout game in 49ers’ big win

“I thought BA, I mean, I don’t know what his numbers were, or anything, but BA played his butt off today,” Shanahan said. “He was great. I knew he had a chance going into the game. He has strung together a number of good weeks here, and I felt like this was the main week where his game really went up in practice to where it gave me a lot of confidence throughout the week, gave the quarterbacks a lot of confidence, and I could feel it from him all week, and I felt it from him today. Big props to BA.”

How 49ers’ offense finally found itself, just as time was running out

“At the very least, San Francisco has some momentary confidence. Their visiting locker room at Soldier Field could be heard behind the press conference room, and the elation and relief from players could be heard despite the multiple doors separating the two rooms.”