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Broncos trade Von Miller to the Rams for two Day 2 draft picks

The 49ers play the Rams in two weeks

Las Vegas Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The trade deadline is Tuesday. This season, the Rams have gone all-in as they are sending Denver a second and third-round pick from the ‘22 draft in exchange for eight-time Pro Bowl edge rusher Von Miller. Denver agreed to pay $9 million of Miller’s remaining $9.7 million salary, per Adam Schefter.

So, Denver paid for draft picks is how you can read this. Miller is a free agent after this season and was unlikely to re-sign with the Broncos. Now, the Rams have three legitimate superstars on defense in Miller, Jalen Ramsey, and Aaron Donald.

Los Angeles has been aggressive, and that’s why their 2022 draft looks like this:

Round 1: Traded to Lions

Round 2: Traded to Broncos

Round 3: Traded to Broncos, still own a compensatory pick (via Brad Holmes hire)

Round 4: Traded to Texans

Round 5: Own

Round 6: Traded to Patriots

Round 7: Own & Dolphins’ pick

Your first inclination is to think the Rams are screwed if they don’t win it all this season. It’s tough to win in the NFL regardless. It’s even more difficult when you’re “building through the draft” in hopes that these young players develop and fit your scheme. Unfortunately, the Rams, not unlike the 49ers, Day 2 picks have left a lot to be desired.

The goal in the NFL is to get good players and win big games with your talent. Play for a Super Bowl, live in salary cap hell, like New Orleans, Philly, and the teams that are consistently aggressive, and if you’re bad for a couple of years then so be it.

That’s the strategy in the NFL. You cannot sit back and “hope” when there are established players available.

The 49ers face the Miller and the Rams on Monday Night Football in two weeks.