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Golden Nuggets: Glinch to IR

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, November 11, 2021

49ers roster moves: Mike McGlinchey officially goes on IR

“The 49ers on Wednesday officially placed right tackle Mike McGlinchey on injured reserve as part of a series of roster moves in the wake of McGlinchey’s season-ending quad injury.”

Kyle Juszczyk, 49ers have ‘100 percent faith’ in Kyle Shanahan

“You know, I have to say that I think Kyle is doing a phenomenal job, and I don’t think — there’s nobody in our locker room that is calling for a different head coach, I can promise you that. We all have 100 percent faith in our coach and all the decisions that he’s been making. Him and Lynch as well. We really do have their backs 100 percent.”

Kyle Juszczyk gives advice to 49ers rookie RB Trey Sermon

“I always stress to him, you have to put everything into the role you are given. So if that is just special teams, you’ve gotta go absolutely 100 miles per hour on special teams every single play and make that the most important thing in the world to you. And once you show that you can do that, eventually you continue to be given more. They keep giving you more responsibility. Eventually you build a role that you can be happy with, and I feel like that’s how my career panned out, and I don’t see why he can’t do the same thing.”

Steve Young passes along Jerry Rice’s damning take on what’s wrong with the 49ers

“I go, ‘What do you what do you think?,” Young said. “He goes, ‘There’s no dogs.’ And I got to interpret that. There’s no dogs on there. You watch the team go on, go off, everyone’s like, ‘okay.’… I’m talking about a leadership committee that happens naturally, it’s organic. And there are certain personalities that it’s made up of, ‘over my dead’ body kind of guys, the guys that have the grit, that have the moral authority to turn, at anytime as a group or individually, to the rest of the 50 guys and declare the truth.”