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Golden Nuggets: Jalen Hurd waived... good night, sweet prince

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, November 12, 2021

49ers release WR Jalen Hurd, add 2 to practice squad

“The 49ers on Thursday finally parted ways with wide receiver Jalen Hurd as part of a trio of roster moves.”

John Lynch reveals Odell Beckham Jr. once tried to get 49ers to trade for him

“The 49ers’ fall from grace has been swift and unforgiving. Few things are as damning an indictment of this team’s current situation as what general manager John Lynch revealed on KNBR on Thursday.”

Injury updates: 49ers delaying Dre Greenlaw’s return to the practice field

“We’re probably going to have to push it off another week,” head coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters before today’s practice.

49ers’ Kyle Shanahan responds to report that Trey Lance ‘leveled off, lost confidence”

““Yeah, he’s gone up, he’s gone down, just like every player in here,” Shanahan said of Lance. “So, when somebody has a report that he had a really good first week of training camp, he did have a really good first week of training camp. He also had a good fourth week, a good third week. I can’t remember exactly how it goes.”

John Lynch believes Trey Lance, 49ers’ entire 2021 draft class will prove to be productive

“Look, we had a plan with Trey,” general manager John Lynch said on KNBR’s Tolbert, Krueger & Brooks show. “And I can tell you this — I’ve said it over and over. I’ll continue to say it because it’s what I believe. I’m as convicted that Trey Lance is the right guy [as ever]. It’s the guy we should have taken. It’s the guy we had the conviction with. And I’m even more convicted now. I just think [the in-game experience] has got to be at the right time.”

Shanahan believes 49ers must lead by example, not just words

“It’s not just, we don’t have the right guy yelling at guys and saying, ‘This can’t be tolerated.’ “ Shanahan said on Thursday. “I mean, that sounds good and all for everyone, but those are just words. It’s got to be with actions and not just wanting to do it, but performing at a high level.”