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Golden Nuggets: Can Shanahan Keep His Streak Up On McVay?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Monday, November 15, 2021

Jay Gruden reveals how much Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers were willing to give up for Kirk Cousins

“Gruden claims Shanahan and general manager John Lynch were willing to send Washington a haul of draft capital for Cousins (h/t to Matt Hladik of The Spun). That reportedly included two first-round picks and may have included multiple second-round selections on top of that.”

Williams is impressed by poise from 49ers rookie Moore

“His poise during a pass set, when a guy’s pass rushing,” Williams said on Saturday. “Being able to be relaxed and be poised. That’s a big step forward. Not everyone comes in like that. I didn’t, certainly, when I was a rookie a century ago. He’s a dancing bear and he can move.”

Louis Riddick on 49ers’ 3-5 record: It’s not one thing

“Everyone wants one answer,” said Riddick, who during a 20-minute interview mentioned an over-reliance on players with extensive injury histories who aren’t available, poor evaluations on players in the draft and free agency that have created depth problems, just OK quarterback play from Jimmy Garoppolo, and not elite performances from blue-chippers such as linebacker Fred Warner. “And, yeah, it’s kind of all of that.”

Could infamous OBJ-Norman feud flare up in 49ers-Rams?

“There have been some fiery moments between Josh Norman and Odell Beckham Jr. in the past, but could that once bitter feud resurface when the two line up against each other during the 49ers’ game against the Los Angeles Rams on Monday night at Levi’s Stadium?”