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Golden Nuggets: Elijah Mitchell Gave The Rams The Finger (And Now Needs Surgery)

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, November 17, 2021

49ers injury updates coming out of Week 10 win

“[Shanahan’s] conference call Tuesday included injury an update on rookie offensive tackle Jaylon Moore, and revealed ailments for running back Elijah Mitchell and wide receiver Deebo Samuel.”

Brian Baldinger breaks down the 49ers’ dismantling of the Rams

“...a collection of all of Baldinger’s analysis from the game, shared via Twitter.”

49ers Notebook: Mitchell needs surgery, Shanahan says Lance getting reps he needs

“He also gave something of an interesting answer in terms of the ways in which Lance needs to develop, and how that will happen.”

Maiocco: 49ers’ win vs. Rams paints bigger picture of playoff chances

“It is difficult to find a rhythm when drives abruptly end due to turnovers, penalties and failed third downs. The 49ers’ victory over the Rams demonstrated how close they are to being a playoff team.”

49ers should not regret Mac Jones-Trey Lance draft decision, Ian Rapoport says

“I know they liked him a lot, so they could have drafted him, but the story was never going to be told this year,” Rapoport said on “Murph & Mac” on Monday. “Mac Jones was always going to be NFL-ready, come in, start Day 1, look adequate, and sometimes, more than adequate [rookie]. And I think he’s playing awesome. Don’t get me wrong.

“That’s not what this is about for the 49ers. They took a quarterback that they planned to sit for a year, make the playoffs, and then have him take over. Now, the playoff thing hasn’t worked out yet, but this was never about this year because Trey Lance was always a project with incredible tools, who they liked, who they believed in, and I haven’t seen anything yet to indicate the 49ers should have any reason for regret.”

49ers’ ‘Game Changer’ Chain Worth 6 Figures, Weighs 6.5 Pounds!

We’re told the “Game Changer” drip — which was purchased by S.F. cornerback Jason Verrett — is made of real, pure silver dipped in electro-plated yellow gold ... and is decked out in all-natural sapphires.

And, get this — the whole thing weighs more than 6 1/2 pounds ... and took 9 weeks to complete.

We’re told Rafaello and Co. is also behind another similar concept jewelry piece — Manny Machado’s “Swag Chain” he got for the San Diego Padres this past season.

While we didn’t get an exact price tag on the piece, we’re told it’s at least 6 figures.