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Golden Nuggets: Jimmie Ward Responds to Steve Young and Jerry Rice

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, November 18, 2021

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49ers Notebook: Two returns near, Shanahan clarifies Sermon’s situation

“Head coach Kyle Shanahan and 49ers talked about avoiding that letdown this week and plenty of other discussion points on Wednesday.”

Jimmie Ward responds to Jerry Rice’s comment that the 49ers have ‘no dogs’

“Maybe because they’re former 49ers players, so they’re really rooting for us. That’s like a message to other guys to try to say, ‘Step it up.’ I think that’s why they’re throwing their shots, because I’m pretty sure when they was playing, [there were] former guys that used to play, or it was just media or something that really cared for the 49ers and was trying to push them. They probably were saying the same thing, so I don’t really look at it as disrespect.”

‘He’s a battler’: 49ers impressed with how RB Elijah Mitchell plays through pain

“When you’re in the huddle with them, you’re looking in their eyes: ‘Is the moment too big for him?’” Garoppolo said. “It reminded me of (JaMycal) Hasty. Honestly, last year Hasty came in and his first play was ready to roll and it was like, ‘All right, this guy is made of the right stuff.’ And Elijah was the same way.”

Fred Warner says contract extension affected his play negatively

“Warner said. “It’s funny because before you get a contract — or at least I wasn’t — I’ve never worried about the money. Obviously that’s the goal is to try and take care of your family and get that part of your career, that achievement. But that was not any any part of my thought process and anything, so going in this year, it was kind of a little piece of it in the back of my mind, like okay, well, I got to show up. I got to show out. I got to do more. I got to do this, do that and so, it probably hindered me a little, but I’m past it.”

Kelly Stafford: ‘I’m an idiot’ for throwing soft pretzel at unruly 49ers fan