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The 49ers are up one spot to 8th in the NFC playoff standings

San Francisco controls its own destiny.

San Francisco 49ers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Playoff standings don’t mean a thing if the 49ers don’t handle their business. San Francisco did that today after stomping the Jaguars 30-10. After the early game slate, the 49ers are slotted in the 8th seed in the NFC playoff race.

Here’s how the standings look:

1) Arizona
2) Dallas
3) Green Bay
4) Tampa Bay
5) Los Angeles
6) Minnesota
7) New Orleans
8) San Francisco
9) Philadelphia
10) Carolina

The Rams have a bye week, so they’ll stand pat in the 5-seed. The Vikings held off the Packers' late comeback to win. Next week’s game against Minnesota will be one of the best games we see all year.

The Saints continue to free-fall without a quarterback. Despite scoring 22 points in the fourth quarter, New Orleans lost 40-29 to the Philadelphia Eagles — who climbed two spots to move into the 9-seed at 5-6. New Orleans owns the 7-seed at 5-6, but it’s difficult to imagine them finishing over .500 with the way they’re playing.

The Panthers started the day as the 7-seed but lost to Washington’s Football Team and are now 5-6 in the 10-seed. As a result, Carolina slid three spots in the playoff seedings and has Buffalo and Tampa Bay twice on the schedule.

Even though the Vikings didn’t lose, the 49ers can change that next week. So far, so good in Week 11 for the Niners. Win against Minnesota next week, and you hold the final seed in the playoffs.