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Oh, Hey There! What’s the craziest formation you want to see Kyle Shanahan use?

Shanahan outdid himself with one formation near the goal line on Sunday.

For years, Kyle Shanahan’s goal has been to field an offense that allows him to play position-less football. Finally, after four and a half years, we are beginning to see what that looks like out of the field. On today’s Oh, Hey There! podcast, Javier Vega and Leo Luna went into the lab and started coming up with some new formations they’d like to see Kyle Shanahan unleash.

Take a look at what the 49ers were doing to the poor Jaguars on Sunday.

Good luck to the defense trying to figure out what the hell to do with Juice and Jeff Wilson as the wide receivers, Brandon Aiyuk in a three-point stance, George Kittle as a lead blocker, and Deebo Samuel at running back. Look at how confused the Jacksonville defenders are before the snap. It’s no wonder Jeff Wilson was wide open in the end zone on this play.

This is nightmare stuff from a defensive coordinator’s point of view. From our point of view, however, it’s fantastic. So, in honor of that creativity, Javier and Leo decided to get a little crazy on today’s show and create their own evil formations.

“I’m going to go with kind of a wishbone,” Luna said, “I’m gonna have Juszczyk taking the snap. Then I’m going to have Deebo on the right side and Elijah Mitchell on the left side. You’ve got speed, you’ve got power, and if you need to throw the ball, maybe you can throw that little wrinkle in there. Juszczyk can throw the ball a little bit if you’ve got George Kittle on a drag or some kind of option route, whatever. You could possibly throw out of that formation, and if Juice keeps it, he can run the ball, too.”

Personally, I’d love to see what kind of plays Kyle would run out of that formation. As Javier pointed out shortly after that comment if you substitute Trey Lance for Kyle Juszczyk, that formation could be pretty unpredictable - particularly in the red zone (not that the 49ers need help in that area right now).

What say you? Where would you put everyone if you could insert a play or formation into the 49ers game plan this week? Drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts. Also, make sure you subscribe to the Niners Nation Podcast Network, available everywhere you get your podcasts and Facebook!