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49ers in Five: George Kittle responds to Mike Zimmer complaining about holding

“I’d tell your guys to make better plays”

Everything you need to know in about five minutes

Just when they think the 49ers rushing attack isn’t sustainable, they go out and put up a season-high 208 yards in a 34-26 win over Minnesota. After the game, Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer wasn’t shy about how he felt the 49ers had so much success on the ground.

“These guys hold all the time. They grabbed us around the waist, grabbing our backs, you know. Officials don’t want to call it every play, but until they start calling it every play, they’re not going to stop doing it.”

George Kittle was asked about that and didn’t hold back.

“I think if you’re running your feet and your hands are inside, just because a guy spins and flails his arms, it’s not holding. He’s just flopping. You can watch plenty of pass plays - I finally got a holding call out there on a pass route. I got hugged and tackled and I think there were like three of those out there that weren’t called. It’s football. You know? Refs throw flags, they don’t throw flags, it’s just the game. If you’re going to sit on the sideline and complain about holding the whole time, I’d tell your guys to make better plays.”

While the Niners fell one carry short, reaching 40 rushing attempts for the third straight game, they did still manage to run for 5.3 yards per carry on their 39 runs on the day. They also held the ball for at least 37 minutes for the third straight week.

Better luck next time, Mike.

You can hear that, and exactly how the 49ers won their third straight game in today’s 49ers in Five podcast, which is available everywhere, you get your podcasts and Facebook.