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The 3 best prop bets for 49ers/Cardinals on Sunday

Let’s make things a little more interesting

If you were looking to make Sunday’s game a little more interesting, Michelle Magdziuk and I packed today’s Gold Digger’s podcast with tons of gambling and fantasy advice. Michelle is a researcher for the NFL Network and the Director of Content for Ball Blast Football if you don’t know.

According to the DraftKings Sportsbook, the Niners are 4 point favorites against the Arizona Cardinals.

This show was a bit different since so many of the props weren’t on the board during recording due to the injury uncertainty, but we tried to offer good advice nonetheless.

Here are three of the best bets you can make in the 49ers game this week.

James Conner over 37.5 rushing yards

Regardless of whether it’s a banged-up Kyler Murray under center or Colt McCoy, the Cardinals are probably going to utilize the ground game more than they normally would. With Chase Edmonds banged up, Conner stands to pick up some touches, and he’s been able to hit that over five out of six times. He’s gotten 10+ carries in a game this season. Full disclosure, the one time he didn’t was against the 49ers earlier this year, but Michelle and I are willing to risk my money on that being coincidence more than anything else.

Jimmy Garoppolo under 1.5 touchdown passes

I know we’ve told you about this one in the past, but the fact that it still holds up is reason enough to include it again. Don’t take the cheese just because the 49ers dropped 33 points on the Bears last week. This is still the same Garoppolo you’ve always known, and he isn’t facing Chicago’s defense this week. So far this season, ten has only thrown multiple touchdown passes one time, and that was in Week 3 against the Packers. We don’t think he’ll do it this week, and if you haven’t already, continue to fade Jimmy G. all season long.

Rondale Moore over anything up to 6.5 receptions

Since the official number wasn’t up when we recorded the episode, we tried to give ourselves some wiggle room. This is another bet that should hit regardless of Arizona’s quarterback. If Kyler plays while injured, he’s probably going to be getting the ball out quickly on a lot of short passes so his receivers can work in space. Rondale Moore and his sprinter speed are deadly after the catch, so he figures to be a big part of Arizona’s game plan this week. The same can be said if Colt McCoy starts instead. He’s going to want to distribute the ball to his playmakers and get out of the way. Moore (and potentially you if you make this bet) stand to benefit from that.

For more betting and fantasy advice, be sure to listen to The Gold Diggers podcast every Friday, and give the Niners Nation Podcast Network a follow while you’re at it.