49ers and Turnovers

For all the talk about injuries and the QB, maybe this is the most relevant to the 49ers record

The 49ers have caused the most fumbles in the NFL and recovered at the lowest percentage. Bad Luck or bad play? Maybe a little of both. On average the league has recovered 40% of opponent fumbles. The Niners are 3 for 16 (~19%)

They’re 25th in fumbles committed (that’s bad) and 30th in losing them at 33%. Again, unlucky or bad? On average you recover about 60% of your own fumbles. Well, at least that’s the 16th best percentage. They’ve fumbled 12 times and lost 4.

These are all small sample sizes of course, but tells you things haven’t bounced their way very much so far. They were middle of the pack on total fumbles last year, but last in recovering their own fumbles.

They were 4th in causing fumbles last year but 28th in recovering them. I guess they aren’t very good at falling on the ball.

Of course we know that they don’t get interceptions, believe it or not, the Jets are worse, but that’s the only team that has a lower interception percentage. Last year they were in the middle.

LOTS of things aren’t going right for them right now. Well, actually, almost nothing is bouncing their way in terms of breaks and play and coaching.

I don’t think they’re as bad as their record indicates, but they’re going to have to actually win the turnover battle in some games. Some day. Maybe?

These are the stats for 2015-2019: Over the past five regular seasons, teams that have won the turnover battle have won their games 76.8 percent of the time. The only game they have won the turnover battle was against the Bears (1-0) and that one came with the game all but over. They tied with the Cardinals the first time (1-1) and tied (0-0) with Philly. When you look it that way, the fact that this game was the first one they were blown out of may be surprising.

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