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49ers in Five: Robbie Gould says he’s playing his best football

You read that correctly

Everything you need to know in about five minutes

The 49ers’ special teams have been a particular focus of criticism following their horrendous performance against the Seahawks. A big part of that performance has been kicker Robbie Gould, who thinks he’s better than ever.

“Obviously, the last couple of weeks, I’ve missed a couple kicks I’d like to have back, but right now, I’m playing probably the best football that I’ve ever played. I’m hitting the ball great obviously, I’m doing some stuff in kickoffs which has been a lot of fun - which I think has helped me on field goals. As a competitor, you want to make the 42 yarder and then the extra point this past weekend. Obviously, those are things that help your team.”

Yes, Robbie, they help the team, which he hasn’t been doing very much recently. Over the last two-plus years, Robbie Gould has hit just 79% of his field-goal attempts. NFL average is about 83.6%.

I tried to warn you over the summer. That simply isn’t good enough for a team that lives on the razor’s edge every single week. They need every facet of the team to be on their game because they aren’t able to overcome that many mistakes - particularly when those mistakes involve points not being put on the board and potentially giving the other team a short field.

Much of Gould’s ineffectiveness has been covered up by the surprising success the 49ers offense has had in scoring touchdowns once they get into the red zone, but if that tapers off the field, goal issues will only worsen.