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Oh Hey There! Can Nick Bosa set the 49ers single season sack record?

He needs six sacks in the final four games of the season

Nick Bosa is better than ever. Trent Williams tried to tell us in August, and since then, all NB Small Bear has done over the last four months is prove him right. On today’s Oh Hey There! podcast, Javier Vega and Leo Luna wondered just how high Bosa’s ceiling is this year. Can he finish the season with 20 or more sacks?

No player in 49ers history has ever reached the 20 sack mark in a single season. As of now, Aldon Smith held the single-season team record with 19.5 back in 2012. Early Aldon Smith was an absolute force rushing the passer (33.5 sacks in his first 32 games).

Nick Bosa’s season might be better.

As of now, Bosa is tied for third in the NFL with 14 sacks and has taken away more yards via sack (114) than any player not named Micah Parsons. He also leads the league in tackles for loss, with 18 in 13 games played.

As Javier pointed out during the show, Nick should have opportunities to get the record down the stretch. Here are the Football Outsiders pass protection rankings for the 49ers final four opponents:

Falcons - 19th

Titans - 26th

Texans - 29th

Rams - 3rd

Certainly the team has a lot more important things to worry about the rest of the season than whether Nick Bosa reaches an arbitrary sack number in the final four games. That said, it’s worthwhile to stop and take a second to recognize just how incredible this man has been this season, especially coming off of a torn ACL. In many ways, this defense only goes as far as Nick Bosa will take them, and right now, it looks like he’s going to carry them right into the playoffs.

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